Sunday, April 24, 2005


We are happy to inform that our mobile hospital returned to Gwalior on 16th April 2005 after having worked in Tsunami affected areas in Tamil Nadu for nearly three months providing medical relief, treatment and counselling. We have spent £5000 for this work during this period benefiting about 18000 victims of Tsunami in the State of Tamil Nadu.

In addition we supplied two truck loads of medicines, medical relief supplies, gloves and masks through local NGOs working in the area. We have recognised five villages in Cuddalore district with 27 orphan children and 157 homeless women. We shall continue to help and provide for rehabilitation work and settlement of these Orphan children and homeless women there as promised with cooperation of local NGOs and may shift these children to our “SNEHALAYA”, if permitted by local authorities.

We have very limited resources and funds to fulfil these promises as our Tsunami appeal was not very successful and our applications for grants from big organisations have fallen on deaf ears so far.

We request everyone to help us in this endeavour as much you can. Every help, however small is much appreciated. For details visit .
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